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Rentokil insect light trap

We have a range of insect light traps to cater different business needs and requirements. All of them use a unique technology to hygienically and effectively capture flying insects. Unlike conventional Electric Fly Killers with high voltage killing grids that simply zap flying insects and leave a litter of insect fragments and contaminated spores, the units we use are safe and hygienic because it uses UV light technology to attract insects and then traps them on a hidden glue board.

Also the range we use is completely silent in operation – getting rid of flying insects discreetly. All our units work against all sizes of flying insect, and are quickly and easily serviced by our Service Technicians saving your business time, money and trouble.

Contact Rentokil online if you wish to knoe more about our insect light traps which scientifically tested using a Half Life Measurement to ensure optimum perfromance.

Cobra fly trap

Heavy usage insect light trap

Our heavy duty insect light trap is specifically designed to offer effective fly control for food related industries and property management companies. The unit has a highly effective glue board that is designed for use in high to medium risk areas. The glue board covers the back and base of the unit, requiring replacement every 4 to 8 weeks depending on local environments.

Benefits to your business:

  • Eliminates the risk of contamination –as dead insects are encapsulated in the glue board.
  • Protection - protects your customers, employees and brand from the negative effects of fly infestations.
  • Effective glue board – Covers back and base of the unit.
  • Supplied ready to use – 3x15W lamps and glue board.
  • Peace of mind - fulfils legal, health and safety requirements.

Suitable for:

  • Food Processing Plants
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Eating Areas & Kitchens
  • Hospitals and Clinics


Light usage insect light traps with aesthetics

Illume is a fly control unit with an attractive appearance, stylish and have a modern design but also effective in controlling flying insects in public places.

Illume advantages:

  • Fast, easy servicing with no tools required
  • 2 x 15 W (30 W) Black Light (BL) or Black Light Blue (BLB) lamps for fast flying insect attraction
  • Silent operation and out of sight catch area for total discretion
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK

Suitable area:

  • Restaurants: Bar area/tight space | Dining area
  • Food Processing Plants: Changing / Locker Rooms | Employee dining areas | Tight space
  • Food Stores: Employee Break Areas
  • Healthcare: Care wards | Public areas
  • Offices: Public/common areas | Dining areas
  • Hotels / Motels: Bedrooms | Public areas
  • Residential: Kitchens
  • Cinemas / Theatres / Arenas / Stadiums: Changing / Locker Rooms | Storage Areas | Food Service & Concession Areas
  • Gymnasiums: Food Service Areas | Workout Areas
  • Prisons / Penal Facilities: Food Service / Kitchen Areas | Staff Areas
  • Schools / Educational Institutions: Student Housing | Dining Areas
  • Doctor's / Dentist's Offices: Treatment Areas | Public Areas


Insect trap lamp with silent system operation

Optica fly control unit has a very strong performance through the system silent operation which is required in the area of rapid production activities. Optica is also very effective on small insects and elusive like Fruit Flies.

Optica advantages:

  • Translucent technology and unique position of the lamp to increase the grasp of the flying insects.
  • The sleek design and clean to look alluring and hygienic
  • The front side can be opened to the whole, to facilitate servicing activities.
  • Easily opened to facilitate maintenance and replacement glue boards

Suitable area:

  • Restaurants: Storage area | Kitchen Area | Food preparation area | Trash area
  • Food Processing Plants: QC Laboratories | Packaging areas | Warehouse area | Trash area | Storage area | Dry production area
  • Food Stores: Bakeries | Warehouse/receiving areas | Deli/meat/fish produce
  • Healthcare: Non-public areas | Care wards | Storage areas | Receiving/delivery areas
  • Offices: Receiving areas
  • Hotels / Motels: Non-public areas | Storage | Kitchen/food preparation | Trash | Receiving /delivery areas
  • Cinemas / Theatres / Arenas / Stadiums: Trash Areas | Storage Areas | Food Service & Concession Areas
  • Gymnasiums: Food Service Areas
  • Prisons / Penal Facilities: Food Service / Kitchen Areas | Staff Areas
  • Schools / Educational Institutions: Kitchen / Food Prep Areas
  • Doctor's / Dentist's Offices: Laboratory Areas
Luminos 1

Luminos 1

Efficient insect trap lamp

Luminos 1 is most effective glue board for controlling flying insects at an affordable price. Luminos 1 has been designed for your business with security in the neighborhood.

Luminos 1 advantages:

  • Effective control of nuisance caused by flying insects
  • Safe and can be used in public areas
  • Hygienic and harmless without pesticides
  • Meets the standards of health and safety
  • Can be hung on a wall or placed on a flat area

Suitable area:

  • Kitchen
  • Preparation area
  • Warehouse
  • Storage area
  • Smaller canteen
luminos 3

Luminos 3

Insect trap using UV-A lamp

Flying insects attracted to Luminos 3 for UV-A rays of light reflected by the third metallic silver frame. Film adhesive automatically roll every 60 hours (2.5 days) over 30cm; wrap trapped insect.

Luminos 3 advantages:

  • Attractive model
  • Reduce the risk of contamination
  • Meets the standards of risk and security
  • Effective in controlling flying insects
  • Easy and fast in operation

Suitable for:

  • Kitchen
  • Preparation or production area
  • Storage and warehousing
  • Canteen

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