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About Rentokil Initial

Rentokil Initial provides services that protect people and enhance lives.

Founded in 1903, Rentokil Initial Group is one of the largest business service companies as well as FTSE 100 company, providing wide range of business services including pest control, hygiene and specialist hygiene services, workwear services, medical services, office plants and artwork, scenting services. The company has over 31,000 employees in 67 countries where the brands have come to represent consistent quality of service.

We protect people from the dangers of pest-borne disease and the risks of poor hygiene. We enhance lives with services that protect the health and wellbeing of people, and the reputation of our customers’ brands.

  • Rentokil is the world’s leading commercial pest control services provider.
  • Initial is the world’s leading commercial hygiene services provider.


Rentokil Initial Sri Lanka is one of the pioneering pest control companies in the country, commenced operations in 1981 under Franchise to Rentokil Initial. Effective service delivery with value add and the focus on health & safety are the key factors to our success in Sri Lanka. Over the years, the company had a steady growth and expanded business by opening branches in Galle and Kandy apart from the operations in Colombo reaching out to our valued customers island wide. The company is now operating as a fully owned subsidiary of Rentokil Initial.

We also opened a branch in the Maldives to provide our services mainly to resorts and the commercial sectors with international standards.

Rentokil Initial Sri Lanka provides feminine hygiene service (safe disposal of sanitary dressings) and a range of wash room hygiene services apart from the pest control to uplift hygiene practices.

Our staff members are constantly trained in order to deliver effective services to our valued customers with high standards and are driven by new innovations and advancement in the latest technology. We will continue to protect people, their businesses and loved ones from destructive and disease carrying pests and enhance lives through our services. We would like to thank all our valued customers for their trust and reliability kept on us over last 38 years which immensely helped for our success and growth in both Pest Control and Hygiene services industries.

Kind regards,

Nishantha Mohotti

Director/ CEO
Rentokil Initial Sri Lanka

Our reputation

For us to protect your reputation, we must first ensure we do well to society and be excellent practitioners of health and safety guidelines that cover everything from health and safety on customer premises, to the fundamentals of environmental pest control, to using water wisely. We put the environment first and aim to cause the least possible impact and adhere to our corporate social responsibilities to make clear exactly where we stand.

Everyone at Rentokil Initial, from Service Technicians out in the field to senior management in the boardroom, demonstrates a firm commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and environmental solutions by putting our good practice guidelines into action on a daily basis.


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