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Bee, wasp and hornet

Being stung by a wasp (yellow jacket), hornet or bee is a painful experience and can be life threatening to anyone who may be allergic to stings. However, it is possible to reduce these risks by taking sensible precautions when outdoors and ensuring that wasp nests or bee hives are properly managed.

Learn more how our technicians can remove stinging insects safely inside your business, home or yard.

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Rentokil’s bee, wasp and hornet control solutions

Using a professional bee, wasp and hornet control service is the most effective way to remediate them from your property.

  • We offer a free site inspection to assess the source of attraction, breeding site, level of infestation, and to identify the bee, wasp or hornet species.
  • Our PAL/APAL licensed technicians can offer effective, targeted bee, wasp and hornet control solutions tailored to your requirements.
  • Rentokil will only destroy a bee nest or colony if it is considered a threat to people.

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Get expert wasp control for your business to prevent any disruption to your daily operation.