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Creating the pleasant experience and hygienic environment for your shoppers

Unhygienic and poorly maintained washrooms have been found to negatively affect judgement, reduce evaluations, purchase likelihood and the willingness to pay for products. Some study shows shoppers would reduce their shopping time to avoid unacceptable hygiene.

In the retail industry where achieving return business is key to profitability, the potential impact of poor hygiene could be damaging to your business. Brand image is also one key driver among the retail business, and negativity via social media and public forums can ruin the reputation quickly.

With the rising consumer expectations and demands particularly in the retail and service industry, exuding quality service experience, while embracing optimal hygiene standards is critical.

Image and safety starts right at your door step

The entrance to any retail store, regardless of location, is the customer's first glimpse into your business. Make it a warm welcome into an environment which reflects well on your brand. 

Contaminated hands can transfer germs to seven separate surfaces, and germs can live on a surface for up to 48 hours.

Ensure these high-traffic areas such as entrances, exits, receptions and lobby are frequently cleaned and disinfected. Provision of hand sanitisers can help value-add your shoppers and enhance your service standards.

80% of the dirt in buildings are usually brought in via shoppers' shoes. Entrance mats not only enhances your brand image and help demonstrate an added level of consideration and care to your shoppers' but raising hygiene and safety standards.

Poor air odour gives a negative perception of an unclean environment and discourages shoppers from visiting your retail mall. Refresh your retail space with carefully selected fragrances such as green tea to exude a lifestyle and soothing shopping experience.

Washroom has evolved as a lifestyle space among shoppers

Washrooms are integral to a pleasant shopping experience and have a huge impact on shopper dwell time and spend. 

An average 75% of people surveyed say the washroom facilities in retail environments are extremely/very important.

Effective cleaning programs should not simply focus on removing visible soils, but attention should be paid to enhance hygiene standards at risk areas such as Toilet Seat Cleaner in the cubicle, placing Feminine Hygiene Units for proper sanitary napkin disposals and sanitisers to address the bacteria transmission and cross contamination caused by the "sneeze effect".

More than 20% of people would leave a store earlier than planned if they know the washroom facilities are below standard. Ensure adequate provisions of hand washing and drying facilities are catered for your shoppers. Non-Touch Sensor Technology hand soap dispensers are designed to raise that additional level of hand hygiene.

Smell is the first sensory observation shoppers would made when entering a washroom. Providing a fresh and pleasant washroom experience helps to create a positive impression. Various scenting options are available to suit your washroom infrastructure, such as Premium Scenting with tangy or citrus fragrance or Air Fresh with fan system to diffuse fragrance consistently.

With regular hand washing activities taking place in the washroom, wet floor and surfaces might arise. Placing floor mats near the wash basins and exits can help trap excess water and minimise risks of slips and falls.

Step up hygiene standards to ensure food safety for your shoppers

Studies have found bacteria levels 1,000 times the acceptable standard in some food courts. 

Open kitchens in food courts are highly visible to your visitors and reflect how much your management team cares about your customers. Food hygiene and safety are critical to complement the overall shopping experience.

Quality facility maintenance and housekeeping is critical to ensure your environment are well maintained and clean at all times. This includes keeping the floor clean and dry, for locations prone to wet surfaces, placing a safety mat can increase the safety standards and minimise slips and falls incidences. Personal hygiene is important, by cultivating good hand washing habits, before and after handling food preparation or consumption. Facilitate your shoppers by providing adequate hand washing and drying facilities.

Raising hygiene standards in a high risk facilities for the young

Studies have found that some baby changing rooms have bacteria levels of 165 times the safe limit. 

Babies, young children and the disabled are the most vulnerable to infectious diseases in the retail environment. Young children in particular, due to their immature immune systems, are at risk of contracting and transmitting infections through close contact with other children and via exposure to shared facilities.

Cross contamination and spreading of germs begins from interacting and engaging with unhygienic surfaces and activities, such as changing of diapers. Adhering to optimal hand hygiene is essential, by providing adequate hand washing and drying facilities. Hand Sanitisers should also be catered to value add your shoppers' experience For retail businesses who embraces stringent hygiene standards, non-touch sensor technology hand soap dispensers are also available.

Protect your children's hygiene and safety during play activities

Hands are a natural breeding ground for germs. Little hands are always touching objects such as toys and toilet seats, which means they can easily pick up and spread germs. Parents will be more confident when visiting malls and stores with hygienic play areas for children. 

Play equipment and toys should be regularly wiped down and sanitised to ensure germs are not spread

Door handles and common surfaces are often overlooked when cleaning. Ensure a good cleaning program and provide access to hand sanitisers to minimise the risk of cross-contamination.

Make your female guests feel extra well cared for. Our No-Touch Feminine Sanitary Bins are ultra-hygienic, easy to use and control unwanted odours.

Our fan and spray air fresheners dispense controlled fragrances and reassure users that your washroom is cared for.


Our award-winning Signature soap dispensers are built with seamless curves and an integral antibacterial surface to reduce the spread of germs.


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