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How to improve office hygiene

Our hygiene habits at work are extremely important to our health and the health of those around us, yet many office workers are unaware of how easily they can transmit potentially harmful germs from the washroom throughout the office. 

A contamination of just a single doorknob or table top can result in the spread of viruses throughout the office building. Within hours, the virus can be easily transferred and cross contaminated to various objects or through human interaction.

Hand hygiene

Good hand hygiene is one of the most important ways to help minimise the spread of germs in the office. Some employees admitted having left the washroom without washing their hands due to either adequate washroom facilities are not provided or the mindset of cultivating good hygiene practices are not instilled. Providing a good washroom experience can have a direct impact on hygiene behaviours, and optimise the hygiene standards in your organisation.

  • Encourage good hand washing practices with awareness campaigns and notices in common areas. Educational posters and labels are available from Initial Hygiene Library. Our team of specialist may also conduct educational programs to raise hygiene awareness as well.
  • In order to facilitate and cultivate good hand hygiene, we need to ensure we cater adequate hand care solutions by ensuring hand soap, paper towel and hand sanitisers are available for employees use.
  • Cross contamination through surface contact might increase risks of germs and bacteria. While you may perform diligent housekeeping such as cleaning washroom, wiping taps and dispensers, you may also consider additional hand hygiene care such as providing hand sanitisers and request for non-touch and sensor based hand soap dispensers to minimise contact.
  • Damp hands spread 1000 times more bacteria that dry hands. It is good to provide integrated hand hygiene to your users. This includes proper hand soap dispensers, hand drying facilities such as hand dryer or paper towel and hand sanitisers for the optimal hygiene care.

Cubicle hygiene

Germs can spread easily through the air when toilets are flushed without the lid closed. Within 60 seconds of a toilet being flushed the average sized washroom can be covered with bacteria, urine and fecal matter. Managing the germs, scale and bacteria build up within the toilet can help reduce the risk of germs spreading.

  • Toilet seats are one of the germs hot spots and also a surface contact we can't avoid daily. It should be sanitised regularly to reduce cross contamination risk. You may consider providing Toilet Seat Cleaners to optimise the hygiene standards within the cubicle.
  • Do you know, toilet flush buttons or handles are considered one of the most contaminated surfaces due to multiple contact interaction and sneeze effect taking place in a cubicle? To know how much bacteria is found on the surface, Hygiene Structured Survey is available to perform a swab test to determine bacteria count.
  • Most female employees would appreciate the provision of proper and adequate facilities for sanitary napkin disposals. Female cubicles should be equipped with proper feminine hygiene to dispose waste discreetly. Initial's feminine hygiene is designed with sensor technology to minimise contact and reduce odour emitting from the unit.

Common office spaces

We tend to neglect other spaces within the office, which could be potentially a contamination or health and safety risks for employees. For example, at the entrance of the office, could be a hotspot in bringing in dirt and grime externally, or within the pantry, we might be facing slippery floor due to regular washing at the basin.

Introducing proper floor care solutions can help enhance your employee's health and safety, by minimising slips and falls, reduce breeding ground for germs and bacteria, and maintaining your facility with cleaner and unsoiled floor.

Next steps

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