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Recommendations for good hygiene in manufacturing

Every day workers are potentially exposed to contaminants and conditions that can be harmful to their skin, for example detergents, liquids, chemicals, mechanical oils, greases, resins, paints, sealants and even hot and cold conditions. Occupational skin disorders, including work-related eczema, which commonly go unreported, account for 11.2% of all occupational diseases.

Hygiene, and hand hygiene in particular, is vital in the manufacturing sector to ensure public health is protected as well as ensuring product quality. As well as occupational skin disorders, poor hygiene can cause higher levels of absenteeism and shift disruption, increased presenteeism with sick employees attending work and spreading illnesses and damage to reputation and at worst a risk of legal action.

With approximately 80% of common infections being transmitted by touch, it is essential for manufacturing businesses to have good hand hygiene practices.

Provide adequate hygiene facilities in the washroom

The washroom is a frequently visited space and tends to be heavy traffic, particularly at peak periods. It should be maintained not just in basic cleanliness but overall hygiene standards to prevent risks of cross contamination and transmission of diseases among employees and users. Rising complaints of an uninviting and unpleasant washroom could also reduce the moral and engagement of the staff.

  • Implement a rigorous cleaning schedule based on peak timings and traffic to ensure washrooms are kept clean
  • Ensure washrooms are well-provided with integrated hygiene facilities including handwashing and drying solutions.
  • Keep washroom fresh and pleasant by installing Air Fresh solutions. For odour issues, there are advanced air care solutions to remove stubborn odours or enhanced air hygiene by installing Premium Scenting solution to uplift the washroom.
  • Do you know, every time a washroom is flushed, bacteria is sneezed into a washroom. These bacteria can cover the entire washroom in less than a minute and survive for up to 24 hours. Ensure you have a sanitiser installed in every cubicle to reduce contamination risks.
  • Take care of your female employees by providing proper feminine hygiene disposal units. For optimal hygiene standards, consider the non-touch sensor technology to minimise hand contact with the units.

Cultivate good handwash habits

Do you know? A single hand can have a population count of over 200 million bacteria per square inch, and we can easily transmit disease through close contact with people, contact via contaminated hands or surfaces and adopting poor washroom habits and hygiene.

  • Train staff on correct hand washing procedures and glove usage policies to minimise the spread of germs from hands to food and surfaces
  • Ensure adequate hand washing facilities are provided and well stocked including soap, paper or dryer. For optimal hand hygiene, offer hand sanitisers or opt for non-touch sensor technology hand soap dispensers for your employees and students.
  • The hand wash area can get wet and slippery due to water spillage and splashes. Place a proper safety mat to prevent slips and falls, and protect your employees' safety.

Welcome visitors with a pleasant experience

When customers or suppliers arrive at a facility, the reception is often their first point of contact and an important reflection of your company. Ensure they are welcomed into a clean and hygienic environment which will reflect well on the hygiene standards of your factory facility. High-touch surfaces such as reception counters and door handles harbour bacteria which can cause skin infections, food poisoning and respiratory diseases.

  • Dirt and grime can be brought in by shoes, and given a large scale environment with higher traffic venue, the chances of contamination at the entrance is higher. Entrance would also appear unsightly with dirt, grime and stains, hence you can welcome your visitors with proper floor care.
  • Make hand sanitisers available in reception areas to help elevate hygiene standards.
  • Do you know scents can uplift mood and create a positive experience? Surprise your visitors with Premium Scenting solutions and choose from an array of fragrances according to your brand, needs and preference.

Ensure top food safety in the canteen

Germs can be easily spread through food handling and consumption. Where productivity and ensuring robust operation in a manufacturing business, health & safety, and the general well being of employees are a top priority.

  • Some of the common bacterial germs that causes food poisoning symptoms include Salmonella. Ensure hand washing facilities and awareness are in place to cultivate proper hand hygiene in the canteen.
  • Value add your kitchen users and canteen patrons with hand sanitisers for optimal hand hygiene standards.
  • With potential water spillage and possible prescence of grime and grease, surfaces can turn slippery, and increases the risks of slips and falls. Ensure Germguard mats are in place to safeguard your employees safety.

Minimise germs and bacteria in the production line

Germs can remain on surfaces for up to 48 hours and can increase the risks of cross contamination from surface to hands. Ensure thorough cleaning regime is in place, provide adequate handwash stations and hand sanitisers for the production line users.

  • A no food or drink policy should be introduced and implemented in production, storage and packaging areas
  • Waste management plans should ensure regular disposal to minimise the risk of pests

Do not neglect hygiene at the common work spaces and meeting rooms

A recent study by Initial found that 49% of office workers sometimes or always eat at their desks. The potential for cross-contamination is high as germs from the washroom are spread by contaminated hands and transferred to desks, office equipment and food.

  • Ensure desks and computer work stations are cleaned regularly. Shared desks are often neglected and can have a build-up of germs and contamination
  • Clean and regularly disinfect all surfaces to reduce the risk of cross-contamination via contact with food
  • Install hand sanitisers in locations of high footfall and common use
  • Scenting can help exude positive mood and studies shows some notes and fragrances can help enhance concentration and productivity. Improve the morale of your employees and enhance their work quality experience with Premium Scenting.

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