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The importance of hygiene in schools

Good hygiene is vital to create a safe and dynamic learning environment. With high human interaction activities taking place daily, the risks of cross contamination and spreading of germs or bacteria will be higher. 

Especially if there are individuals whom are unwell or a flu bug spreading around, embracing optimal hygiene is critical.

Learn more about the key risk areas in education facilities to help protect the well-being of teachers and students.



"School is such an important environment for our children as it's the place that much of our learnt behaviour takes root. In an ideal world, parents will take the lead on teaching children about the importance of hygiene, however where this isn't possible, schools can ensure that such practice life skills are learnt and reinforced."

- Emma Kenny, Media Psychologist and Registered Psychological Therapist

Protect your education business and brand reputation

  • Reduce staff illnesses and any unnecessary expenses relating to medical reimbursement or employee replacement 
  • Protect your reputation and keep enrolment levels up whilst attracting quality teaching staff 
  • Avoid fines or lost revenue due to noncompliance with hygiene regulations 
  • Prevent potential school closure or temporary business suspension 
  • Avoid spread of germs and bacteria and possible food contamination among students and employees 

Our service promise to customers

Our local teams and specialists are dedicated to deliver efficient, quality and discreet hygiene services islandwide. Tailoring recommendations to your needs, Inital takes pride in raising high hygiene standards through quality service, innovation solutiions and professional customer care. We take care of your service needs in ensuring timely installation and consumables availability, while ensuring compliance and hygiene regulations are met.

Our fan and spray air fresheners dispense controlled fragrances and reassure users that your washroom is cared for.


Our hand sanitiser dispensers come with skin friendly yet powerful sanitiser that kills 99.9% of germs.


Our award-winning Signature soap dispensers are built with seamless curves and an integral antibacterial surface to reduce the spread of germs.

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