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Protecting Guest Experience and Your Hotel Reputation

It is important to manage pest risks in hotels to protect the wellbeing of your guests and at the same time, safeguard the health and safety of your valued employees. A spread of infection or disease will disrupt operations and productivity which will ultimately affect service delivery. When a pest infestation does happen, it can be difficult to eradicate, cause extensive damage and rapidly ruin a hard earned reputation.

Guests have the ability to share their pest horror story to the entire Internet community although the hotel’s overall quality could have been better than it seems. Hence hotels and any lodging premises have to be even more vigilant due to increasing travel trends and guests from around the world could be bringing hitchhiking pests with them.

Using Integrated Pest Management principles, Rentokil partners with hoteliers to ensure outstanding guest experiences will not be compromised by pest activity or problems.

The negative impact of pest infestation in commercial sectors

  • Employees’ health risk - Pests carry a legion of infectious diseases such as Dengue, Salmonellosis, Leptospirosis and Gastroenteritis.
  • Loss of business profits and reputation - Pests such as cockroaches and rats can contaminate your stocks in your inventory with their droppings and urine. This can lead to serious consequences such as product recalls which will eventually cause severe damage to your business profits and reputation if no actions were taken.
  • Legal actions - Pest infestation can expose your business to potential regulatory actions such as fines and business closures as well as lawsuits from affected customers.
  • Damage to building structures - Rats and termites can cause physical damage to your building structures, which can be costly to repair.

Besides pest awareness, Rentokil’s Education Talk also covers sanitation and personal hygiene topics; essential in keeping the working environment hygienic. Sanitation also helps to create a more organised, efficient and safer workplace.

Benefits to the business/employees

  • Employee motivation – Providing hygiene and pest knowledge will help employees to understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and workplace for their wellbeing. 
  • Cost reduction – Proactive measures help to reduce the cost to repair damages and product recalls. 
  • Effective Pest Management – By providing your employees with pest awareness education and training of pest exclusion practices, they can support you as part of the pest management process. 
  • Increase health and safety – Early pest detection and exclusion are keys to prevent major infestation. This will likely help reduce the risk of you and your employees catching a deadly disease/ infection from pests. Also decreasing the absenteeism rates and medical claims along the way. 

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