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Protecting Your Business and Reputation

Pest in the food and beverage processing industry is a high risk threat because it can cause contamination and damage raw materials in various ways. Besides affecting your stocks, a pest infestation may also result in loss of revenue, customers' trust, fines and even prosecution.

Early detection and continuous monitoring are essential to minimise the risk of pest infestation. By using a comprehensive pest management programme approach, Rentokil not only partners with food manufacturers/ processors but with the food supply chains as well to ensure your standards and those of your customers and auditors will not be compromised. 

A comprehensive pest control programme must strictly follow a number of guidelines and designed to minimise the risk of adulteration. Thus documentation and reporting are essential to analyse and review your pest management programme, and helps to facilitate auditors to examine and traceability much easier when issues arise.

Understand food processing business has zero-tolerance for pest

Food manufacture business is always under the scrutiny of public because of food consumption safety. Highly dependent for quality assurance and no room for risk error, various brands have undergone PR crisis and negative publicity impact because of food contamination or non-compliance to regulatory requirements.

HACCP, AIB, BRC or YUM, are some audit and regulatory standards food processing brands have to comply diligently. However, besides managing a complex production whilst on a tight schedule, maintaining the facility with zero-tolerance policy can be stressful.

From raw material storage, to production zone and warehouse ready for shipment, flies is 1 common pest that is so small in size but could potentially cause detrimental impact to the overall business. The danger is, flies easily enter through very tiny gaps and crevices, and without adequate flying insects control, secure proofing and diligent housekeeping, businesses could face damaging risks to the entire processed goods and financial implications.

Did you know? Facilities that process and store liquid foods are very susceptible to fruit fly?Fruit flies have various attractants include colour, scent, yeast, fermentation and sugar.

The danger is, fruit flies can reproduce quickly and in some instances, female fly could lay up to 500 eggs per fertilization. As a result, flies problem could easily get out of control.

Finding the source is key, and Rentokil Initial specialist are trained to help plants identify root cause by performing a structured site inspection and risk assessment.Flying insect control units are strategically placed to control flying insect population, and in some cases, second line of defense are built to ensure no possible infestation incidences.

To provide ease and convenience to these businesses, Rentokil takes care of the monitoring and reporting activities, while customers focus 100% on driving productivity and business growth. Get your dedicated support from the experts, contact Rentokil online or call +94 11 7652 400.

Why Rentokil?

  • Audit Support - We have in-depth understanding with Sri Lanka's legislative including internal and external audit requirements for the food related industry

  • Dedicated Key Account Manager - Supports multi-site customers to achieve consistent approach across all facilities with one point of contact

  • Nationwide Support - With a local team in Sri Lanka, we ensure that all your pest control needs are in good hands giving you a complete peace of mind

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